This script will check the config on the unit to make sure it should provision properly.

Below is the Github link where you can find the latest version.

It looks for:

  • Main bridge must have 'bridge'
  • SSH service must be enabled
  • SSH service should have port set to 22, this will require an extra nat rule
  • SSH service has address set, ensure is allowed
  • API service must be enabled
  • API service should have port set to 8728, this will require an extra nat rule
  • API service has address set, ensure is allowed

To run the script:

1. Open WinBox on your computer. Type in the router’s IP address (, login (admin) and leave the password field blank. Click connect.

2. Once you've logged in, navigate to Files in the menu on the left.

3. Click Upload and browse for the validate.rsc file you downloaded. You can also drag and drop the validate.rsc file directly into the file list window. [Note: different .rsc file shown in pictures, but the process is exactly the same!]

4. Once the file has been uploaded, run

/system script add name=validate.rsc owner=admin policy=password,policy,read,reboot,sensitive,sniff,test,write source=[/file get flash/validate.rsc contents]

This will move the file to the system scripts and allow you to run.

5. Finally, to run the script, open up a new terminal and type /system script run validate.rsc

Intended outcomes are:

😁 - All checks passed, the configuration appears OK

πŸ˜„ - The configuration appears OK with warnings (the script can be installed, but there are changes that are recommended to be made)

😦 - Errors detected, please resolve the issues printed in the error log before provisioning

😦 - One or more warning was encountered and can be seen in the warn log

πŸ˜• - If provisioning fails check these warnings for hints at what might be wrong

If you are unsure of how to proceed after receiving an error or have questions about this guide, please contact our Customer Success team using the chat or sending an email with your results.

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