Where you place your MH7022 satellites is vital to ensuring your MH7022 system provides fast, reliable WiFi to every room in your home. Every home is different, so placement is dependent on the unique factors of your space and your WiFi needs. Below is a guide to finding the ideal locations in your home for your MH7022 satellites.

If you have one MH7022 satellite, we recommend placing it midway between your MH7022 router and the area which needs additional WiFi coverage.

Please note that your satellite must be within range of your router’s WiFi signal in order to sync with the router. Use the satellite’s LED indicator to help you determine the best location to place your satellite.

If you have two or more satellites, we recommend placing them in opposite corners of your house still within range of your router's signal.

Other important placement tips:

  • Satellites are best placed halfway between a dead zone and your router
  • Higher elevation is better
  • Choose a hard surface in the open, not in a cabinet or closet
  • Avoid heavy metal objects like your fridge that might block the signal
  • Place 20 to 30 feet away from your microwave, cordless phone, fluorescent lights, or any other interfering signals

If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our Customer Success team by emailing support@minim.co or by clicking on the chat bubble in the corner of this page.

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