The Motorola MH7022 comes with one router and one satellite that can be meshed together to extend your home's WiFi coverage. If you are not using the Minim app, you will need to manually set up your Motorola WiFi system. The instructions below will walk you through the steps to set up an MH7022 satellite.

In order to set up the MH7022 satellite, you will first need to have an MH7022 unit configured as your main router. To learn how to manually configure an MH7022 unit as your main gateway, please review this guide.

What you will need

  • MH7022 configured as the main router
  • MH7022 satellite
  • Ethernet cable
  • Two power adapters

Placing your satellite

If you have one MH7022 satellite, we recommend placing it in a centralized location between your MH7022 router and the area which needs additional WiFi coverage. Please note that your satellite must be within range of your router’s WiFi signal in order to sync with the router. Use the satellite’s indicator LED to help you determine where to place your satellite.

Tip: Do not place your satellite directly in a dead zone as it needs to sync with your router. Satellites are best placed halfway between a dead zone and your router. For more helpful placement tips, please review this guide.

If you have two or more satellites, we recommend placing your satellites in opposite corners of your house but still within range of your router.

Powering up

To set up the MH7022 satellite, first connect the supplied power adapter between the satellite's power jack and an electrical outlet. The Motorola logo LED on the front of the MH7022 should blink green while the unit powers up.

If the LED is not blinking green, check that the On/Off button on the back panel is pushed in. Wait for the LED to become solid green. This may take up to two minutes. If the satellite's LED does not stop blinking, please review this troubleshooting guide.

Syncing with your router

Once the satellite has powered up, it will attempt to sync with your MH7022 router. While attempting to sync, the satellite's LED will blink blue. If it continues to blink blue after five minutes, this means your satellite is out of range. Move the satellite closer to the router.

After the satellite syncs with the router, the satellite's LED will glow either green or amber.

  • If the LED glows green, the connection between the router and the satellite is strong.
  • If the LED glows amber, the connection to the router is weak. We recommend moving the satellite closer to the router to improve the signal.


You've successfully added a satellite to your network. If you have any questions or need some help, please reach out to our Customer Success team by emailing or by clicking on the chat bubble in the corner of this page.

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