For the best SpeedTest results for your subscribers, we recommend running a MikroTik SpeedTest server on your local network. This ensures your subscribers don't experience congestion and latency when testing to public servers which is the default.

Currently we only support a single end-point for the SpeedTests per device type, we anticipate adding support for more in the future.

You can use existing MikroTik infrastructure as a SpeedTest endpoint, a device such as an RB4011, CCR or CHR will work great.

On the device you want to use as your SpeedTest server, we need to create a set of credentials. To do this, we need to run the following on the device to set up the credentials (please replace FILL_ME_IN with some secure credentials).

/user groupadd name=speed-testers policy=test,winbox,!local,!telnet,!ssh,!ftp,!reboot,!read,!write,!policy,!password,!web,!sniff,!sensitive,!api,!romon,!dude,!tikapp

# You must fill in the username and password here
/user add group=speed-testers name=FILL_ME_IN password=FILL_ME_IN

Once you have created the user, please send an email to with the following information.

Subject: Custom SpeedTest Server Configuration for ISP Name


Please implement a custom MikroTik SpeedTest server for our company.

The SpeedTest server is: <Ookla or MikroTik>

The endpoint for the SpeedTest server is: <ip address or hostname>

If MikroTik - The username for running SpeedTests is: <name>

If MikroTik - The password for running SpeedTests is: <password>

If Ookla - The port is: <usually 80 or 8080>

The Latitude is: <latitude coordinate>

The Longitude is: <longitude coordinate>

The name I would like to appear under the speed test widget in the Care Portal: <custom name>

Minim will typically be able to set this up within 2 days.

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