In need of some help? The Support tab is here to provide some assistance. You can look at some guides or contact your service provider's support team. Tap the Support icon in the bottom toolbar to get started.

Visit the guide

Tapping the Visit the guide button will direct you to a series of help articles provided by Minim. To view articles specifically for the Minim App, tap the link Minim for Users/Subscribers. We continuously add to more articles to this section as new features are created and updates are made. If you have a suggestion for an article, please contact our Customer Success team using the chat or by sending an email to

Contact Support

The Minim App also gives you the ability to contact your service provider. Tap the Contact Support button. You will be provided with information relating to your provider's support team.

The Contact support page will be broken into two main sections - availability and additional information. In the first section, you will find time periods your provider will be available to help. When you look at these times, the Minim App will let you know if your service provider is available to help by highlighting the day green and displaying "Open now". The app will check to see what time it is for you and cross reference it with the service provider's availability and their timezone.

If you scroll down further, you will see the Additional Info section. Here you will find ways to contact your service provider. This section is customized by your provider. They can include their phone number, an email address, website, Facebook page, Twitter page, helpful documentation, and a link to pay your bill. You can tap on the arrows to the right of the information to learn more.

Please note, if the information on this page is incorrect or the links are not working, we recommend contacting your service provider to update the information. If you need help contacting your service provider, our Customer Success team would be happy to help. You can reach us by using the chat or by sending an email to

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