The GL.iNet B1300 is a great router option to install in a subscriber's home. A service provider has the ability to set up this router from the comfort of their office before the scheduled installation or on-site during the service installation with the Minim Care Portal.

What You Will Need

  • GL.iNet B1300
  • Modem or incoming internet connection
  • Ethernet cable
  • Access to Minim Care Portal
    Need access? Talk to your Minim system admin and click here for more details.

The process this guide covers will get a new device set up in one session. Some service providers may wish to set up the device completely in advance so the router will only need to be connected to power and internet in the subscriber's home. In this case, you'll find the Next Steps section helpful after completing the outlined process. If you'd prefer to set up a few elements in the office and complete the process onsite, scroll down the Alternative Preparation Method section.

Connect GL.iNet online

To begin, navigate to the Inventory tab of the Care Portal. You should see a list of devices that have not been assigned to an account yet. When GL.iNets are purchased from the Minim Shop, each router's MAC address will be placed within the ISP's Inventory

Next, plug in a GL.iNet B1300 in an internet connection. You can plug the router into an internet source at the office via a switch, directly to a modem, or to a PoE. Plug in the power cable. You should see 2 lights illuminate on the GL.iNet.

Once the unit comes online, its listing in the Inventory will update to show a green circle.
Please note, which navigating in the Care Portal, when a device is "seen" by Minim, there will be a green circle shown. This validates that the device is connected to the internet and connected to the Minim VPN.

Enable subscriber account

From the Inventory, you can associate the online router with a new subscriber account. Click the Enable link.
Please note, you have the ability to enable routers from inventory that are not online as well. You do not need to connect them to the internet in order to associate the MAC with a new customer account.

You can confirm the MAC address of the GL.iNet by turning it over to display the label. The MAC addressed will be listed.

The page will redirect to the Activate Customer form. Fill in the fields relevant to your workflow. We recommend at least inputting the name and the installation address. Click the Activate button when finished.

TIP 1 - The information that is filled in on this page can be used to search for the account. The information can be updated later if needed. We'll show you how once the account is activated.

TIP 2 - You can use the Customer ID field to associate the Minim customer account with an internal tracking system within your business.

The page will redirect you to the new customer account. It will look similar to the example below. Until the system recognizes the GL.iNet, it will appear offline. It will typically return to its online status within a minute of activating the account.

Customizing the customer account

There are a variety of settings that can be customized on the router to make the experience unique to each customer.

SSID and password

Click on the Router Settings tab. Here, you can change the SSID and password for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals. By default, GLi.Nets will have matching SSIDs and passwords. You can find a copy of this information on the bottom of the router itself. The SSIDs do not need to match.

You also have the ability to change the channels by clicking on the drop-down menus. If you are unsure which channel to select, you can click on the Run Wireless Scan link. After a couple minutes, you'll be able to view the access points in your area by clicking on the View X neighboring access points.

If you decide to make any changes to the default configuration, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find an Apply button. Click on it to push those changes to the router.

We recommend sending the SSID and password to your customer's cell phone by text. If the phone number was entered on the activation page, it will appear by default when you click on Text SSID/Password to Mobile Phone button.

Confirm customer information

Click on the Customer Settings tab. The information previously entered will be displayed. If you desire to revise this information or update it, you can do so in this tab. After you make any changes, click on the Update button.

Minim App and network access

Click on the Users tab. Here, you have the ability to provide your customer's access to the router by adding their email address. Click in the Invite Mobile User button. A pop-up will appear with a field to enter an email address. Once the user has been invited, they will receive an email with a link to set-up their account and download the Minim App.

Next Steps

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, you have the option to prepare the gateway prior to installing it in a subscriber home. If you followed this process in the office, the gateway is now ready to be deployed. The next step would be unplug the ethernet cable and power cables from the gateway. On the day of the internet installation, the technician would connect the gateway to power and internet, thus providing the subscriber with WiFi in their home.

For those who followed this process onsite during an internet installation, the gateway has been successfully deployed! You can help the subscriber get set up with the Minim App so they can monitor the devices on their network.

Tip 1 - Once the subscriber has logged into the Minim App successfully, you can send them a push notification with their SSID and password. Navigate to the Router Settings tab of the customer's account in the Care Portal. You should now see an additional link, Push SSID/Password to Mobile Phone. Clicking this link will send this information directly to subscriber's mobile phone with the Minim App logged into.

Congratulations! You successfully set up a GL.iNet router and associated it with a customer account. Did you know that you can set up a mesh unit using the Care Portal as well? Click here to learn more!

Alternative Preparation Method

There is another way to prepare a GL.iNet for deployment. You can enable the router and add a mobile user. While onsite for the install, you can connect the GL.iNet to power and internet. Once the device is online, you'll be able to make any changes needed to the GL.iNet, such as SSID and password. To prepare a GL.iNet using this method, we recommend reviewing the sections above in the following order.

  1. (In the office) Enable subscriber account
  2. (In the office) Minim App and network access
  3. (Onsite) Connect GL.iNet online
  4. (Onsite) SSID and password

If you have any questions or need some help, please reach out to our Customer Success team by emailing or by clicking on the chat bubble in the corner of this page.

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