Minim App users have the ability to run speed tests for their network. The results will be posted to the Timeline as well as to the service provider. After a speed test is ran, you will be presented with the download speed, upload speed, latency, and what type of usage the speeds will support.

How to run a speed test

  1. From the Network tab, scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the Run speed test button. The speed test will take a few minutes to run.
  3. After the speed test as completed, the results will be posted above the Run speed test button.

Need to see the process in action? Watch this video!

Your internet speed supports...

After a speed test is ran, you will see green check marks for each type of supported usage. It is ok if not all the circles have a green check mark. This means that the speed is not able to support certain types of usage, such as 4k streaming.

Here is a break down of the amount of bandwidth needed for each type of streaming that the Minim system is looking for.

  • Web = 64 kbps download
  • Music = 384 kbps download
  • SD = 1 Mbps download
  • Games = 3 Mbps download
  • HD = 4.5 Mbps download
  • 4k = 22.5 Mbps download

Speed test history

Each time a speed test is ran, either using the Minim App or by your service provider, the results will be recorded. To view a history of all the results, tap on the History link to the right of the Connection heading. The next page will display a copy of the most recent speed test ran. You will also be given the ability to run a speed test from this page. If you scroll down, you will find a list of speed tests that have been ran. The entries will be sorted from most recent to oldest. There will be a timestamp on each entry.

Please note, speed test history can also be found on the Timeline tab.

If you have any questions about the speeds you are receiving when running a speed test, we recommend reaching out to your service provider to inquire about additional packages. If you need help reaching your service provider, our Customer Success team is happy to help. You can reach us by using the chat or sending an email to

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