In each subscriber (or customer) account, the Minim Care Portal provides service providers the ability to view how much bandwidth connected devices are consuming over the course of a month. To view this information, click on the Insights tab within a subscriber's account.

On the Insights page, there is a wealth of information provided. the page is divided into two sections - Bandwidth Summary and Bandwidth Breakdown.

Bandwidth Summary

The first section, Bandwidth Summary, displays an overview of the total bandwidth consumed and by which devices.

  1. Each summary correlates to a billing cycle, which can be set from the Customer Settings tab of the account. If the billing cycle is changed, the new range will be displayed on this page along with an updated view of the data.
  2. The summary will display the total number of devices that were connected during the cycle. This number may change depending on new devices connecting or devices not connecting within the last 30 days.
  3. The total amount of bandwidth used will be tallied. This includes download and upload bandwidth used.
  4. The bandwidth used is broken down by the top devices. Devices that have a small amount of usage (under 1%) will be illustrated as Other.

Bandwidth Breakdown

The second section is a table of all of the devices that have connected to the network during the cycle. Each device that has been connected to the network during the cycle will be included on this table along with its download and upload bandwidth usage. This information can help identify which devices have done the majority of the "talking".

If you have any questions about the Insights tab, please reach out to our Customer Success team using the chat or by emailing

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