Minim runs speed tests using Unum SDK agents and cloud hosted agents. The type used is dependent on the platform the speed test is being ran on. MikroTik routers use cloud hosted agents and all other certified devices use the Unum agent.

Cloud Hosted Agents

All MikroTiks on Minim run speed tests using the built-in Speed Test tool on the MikroTik. Minim hosts our own public speed test servers and the cloud agent will determine which server is closer (measured by ping latency) and use that to run the speed test. To utilize the Speed Test tool, the MikroTik will need to running RouterOS 6.44 or later.

Service providers may choose to deploy their own on-premise servers (a CHR is recommended, though a powerful MikroTik device like RB4011 may be suitable) for improved throughput and lower latency. If an ISP chooses to go this route, speed tests will use only the server assigned to the service provider in the Minim Care Portal admin. To learn more about setting up an on-premise server, please contact our Customer Success team using the chat or sending an email to 

Unum SDK Agent

Minim certified devices, such as the GliNet B1300, use the Unum SDK agent. This agent used public Ookla servers to run speed tests against. These are exactly the same servers that uses. If no override is set up for a given service provider, Minim will use the router’s external IP address to geolocate the closest server. Minim, then, sends down a list of possible servers and then the agent does a ping test against the list of servers and selects the one with the lowest latency to run the test against.

Service providers also have the option to deploy their own on-premise server for speed testing. To configure this, please contact our Customer Success team using the chat or sending an email to and provide the endpoint of the server and the port used to communicate with the server. 

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