The Minim Care Portal tracks bandwidth in two key areas - ISP Overview page and in each subscriber account page. The charts embedded in the Care Portal are useful tools that can help with diagnosing network issues as well as connectivity issues on the subscriber side. Both charts can be used for proactive troubleshooting and determining a possible issue that occurred well prior to being reported.

ISP Overview page

On the Overview page at the bottom of the screen the following chart will be displayed. It shows the service provider the amount of bandwidth used on subscriber gateways over the course of an hour, day, and week. 

Subscriber Account Page

There is an additional chart shown within each subscriber account in the Care Portal. The chart is located below the Access Points section. In contrast to the Overview Bandwidth chart, the Bandwidth Usage chat provides a more in-depth view of what the subscriber's usage looks like and can help when trying to solve problems. It allows the service provider the ability of easily seeing who the top talker is on the network. To zero-in on a specific device or set of devices, click on devices from the list below the chart to remove their data.

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