The Known Issues tab provides a list of all subscriber accounts with devices that have been marked as having an "issue".  "Issues" are recommendations made by Minim for devices connecting to the  network based on their device type, connection stability, and activity. 

To learn more about the reported issue, click on the subscriber's account. Scroll down to the list of the devices connected and locate the device with the Known Issue. Under the heading Issues and Alerts, there will be a brief description of the issue relating to the device. In the example below, the description says, "Recommend 5GHz".

Click on the lightbulb icon to gain more insight on the issue. A pop-up will appear displaying the Issues & Alerts tab. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the detection date will provide more information relating to the issue. In the example below, Minim is recommending the MacBook Pro be connected to the 5GHz Wi-Fi connection because of the consistently good signal received on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.

To learn more about known issues and how to resolve them, please contact out Customer Success team using the chat or by email,

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