The Overview tab is displayed as the home page of the Minim Care Portal. It provides service provides with a look into their network. This article will provide a summary of what is shown in the Overview and how it can be used.

Starting at the top of the page, there are four buttons that will redirect to other tabs within the Care Portal as well as three stats that border a map of the deployed network.

Total Inventory - A list of routers that have not been deployed to a subscriber's location.

Subscribers Online - A list of accounts that are currently online in Minim.
Subscribers Offline -
A list of accounts that are currently offline in Minim.
To learn more about the Online and Offline tabs, refer to the below KB article. 

Subscribers with Known Issues - Minim will make recommendations for devices connecting to the network based on their device type, connection stability, and activity. Clicking this button will display a list of accounts with devices that have issues posted to them. To learn more about known issues refer to the below KB article.

Scrolling dow the page will reveal the a chart that provides information relating to bandwidth, online vs offline subscribers, the busiest LANs, and subscribers with the most reboots. To learn more about the bandwidth data as well as the Bandwidth Usage chart in subscriber accounts, please click here - Minim Care Portal: Bandwidth Usage 

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