Network tab

The Network tab is the home page of the app. It provides the user with an over view of the internal network. The video below will navigate through what is seen while scrolling down the page.

Change Wi-Fi settings

Users can easily change the SSID and password for the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi signals. 

Speed tests

Speed tests can be ran from the Network tab of the app. They will provide the user with information relating to the download and upload connection, as well as the types of services the speed can support, such as 4k streaming.

Device details

Device overview

Users can take a deep dive into the devices connected to their network. Select a device to learn more about what is it, how it is connected, and its usage on the network. 

Device usage history

A user can see how a device is used on their network. They can see exactly which websites or services are accessed by the amount of time spent and the amount of data used by them.

Device bandwidth usage

The amount of bandwidth a device has used over the course of an hour, day, and week. A user can see how the bandwidth is consumed by a device.

Rename device

Each device that connects to a Minim router has a fingerprint. The fingerprint will tell the user details about the device such as IPv4 address, MAC address, manufacturer, model, and category. If a user wants to customize the name of the device to personalize, they can go into the device settings make the needed change.

Change device owner

Devices can be assigned to owners by using the Profiles feature. A profile can be a person, room, type of device, or another type of custom category of your choosing. To assign a device to an owner (or change the owner of a device), go to Device Settings and tap on the arrow to the right of Owner.

Change device category

When a device is fingerprinted, usually it will be assigned a category, such as Streaming Device, TV, Phone, Printer, ETC. When a device does not receive a category or you would like to customize the device's category, go to Device Settings and tap on the arrow to the right of Category. You'll see a list of device categories you can select to assign to the device. Once a category is selected, the green icon above your device name will update to reflect your choice.

Forget device

If you wish to longer have a device connected to your network, you can "forget" it. To remove the device's access, go to the Device Settings, and tap the red Delete Device button.

Device speed test

You can run speed tests directly from an individual device to the access point it is connected to. Scroll down towards the bottom of the device's page and tap the Run speed test button.

Profiles tab

A Profile is a way to assign devices to a person, room, device type, ETC. You can add devices to a profile to customize the experience they have while connected to your network.

Parental Controls

Set a profile filter

Content filters can be set for devices assigned to profiles. Users have the ability to set one of four content filters - Unfiltered, Site Protect, Site + Ad Protect, and Family Values.

Profile usage overview

Similar to the device usage graphs, users can view the usage of the devices within a profile. The graphs will show the time spent on websites and services, as well as the amount of data used per website and service.

Pause a profile

Devices within a profile can have their connection to the internet paused for a period of time - 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or indefinitely. To unpause a profile, simply tap on red pause button to resume the devices' access to the internet.

Set a profile time limit

Limits can be set to the amount of time the devices in a profile can have access to the internet per day. 

Change a profile schedule

Schedules can be set for profiles to restrict internet access for periods of time, such as homework or bedtime.

Security tab

The Security tab provides a user with important information about their network. If a threat is detected, they will be able to see what Minim scanned. To resolve threats, a user will need to contact their service provider. (Refer to the Support overview below)

Timeline tab

The Timeline gives a user the ability to see what events occurred on their network over time. Each event is categorized by so a user can easily filter what the timeline shows them upon review.

Support tab

In need of some help? The Support tab is here to provide some assistance. You can look at some guides or contact your service provider's support team. Tapping on the Contact support button will display the service provider's hours they are available to help and ways to contact them.

Settings tab

Notifications settings

The Minim App can send push notifications to a user's device. Within the Settings tab, you can select exactly which notifications you would like to have pushed to your device. 

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