NetInstall is a phenomenally powerful tool that enables you to flash a MikroTik device to a firmware of your choice.

Using this tool can be challenging so we put together some hints and tips to get a successful NetInstall working.

  1. Use a Windows computer to run NetInstall 
  2. Disable all firewalls and anti-virus tools
  3. Don't directly attach the MikroTik to the ethernet of the windows machine, use a switch or hub in between
  4. Disable all other ethernet and wifi interfaces other than the one connected to the switch
  5. Plug Eth2 of the gateway into the switch (not Eth1 or WAN)
  6. Add a static IP address to the windows machine of / - you don't need a gateway
  7. Run the NetInstall PXE Boot on
  8. Getting the router to NetInstall
    a. Unplug the power from the router
    b. Hold down the reset button
    c. Plug the router back in while holding the reset button down
    d. Wait for 15 seconds and then release the reset button
    e. NetInstall should now recognize the device
  9. Don't forget to turn your firewall and antivirus back on once you've successfully flashed the router and before you re-enable other network interfaces.
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