If you need to update your payment card information for Minim, the process is very simple.

If you account is integrated fully with our billing system, you will see a "Subscription" tab in your care portal account. If you don't see this, skip to the bottom of this document.

Click into this tab and then click on the "Update Billing Information" button.

Add your new card information to the form and click "Update". This new card will be used as your default billing card.

I don't have the "Subscription" tab.

If you don't have the subscription tab, it means your account is not fully integrated into our billing system today. If this is the case, simply email billing@minim.co and request that you wish to update your card information.

Your current card will be removed from your billing account and then next invoice that is sent will ask for revised payment information. Once you update that payment information, your new information will be used for future billing.

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