Service providers have the ability to activate and deactivate customers using the Minim Care Portal.  Customer accounts are associated with your inventory. 

Adding New Inventory

  1. Navigate to the Inventory tab of the Minim Care Portal and click the Add Inventory button.
  2. Type in the Eth0 MAC address(s) of the certified device(s) into the MAC Addresses field.  Click the Create button when done.
  3. The devices will now be listed in your inventory.

Activating a Customer Account

  1.  From the list of inventory, click the Enable button to the right of the device you would like to be associated with the new customer account. (See image above as an example)
  2. The page will redirect to the Activate Customer page.  Fill in the customer's information into the fields show.  Once finished, click the Activate button. 

Deactivating a Customer Account

  1. Navigate to the customer's account in the Minim Care Portal.
  2. Click on the Customer Settings tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  3. Click on the Deactivate  button.

Deactivating an account will return the router's MAC into the Inventory section of your Care Portal.  This will make it possible for the device to be activated for another potential account.

Please note, customer accounts that have the email address of your admin account as a User, will not show the Deactivate Customer section in the Customer Settings. If the customer account needs to be deactivated, another admin collaborator will need to process the request.

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