The Minim Care Portal makes it easy to replace a gateway on a LAN with a new one. To begin, be sure to have the Minim Agent installed on the replacement router and the MAC address of the new router added to your inventory. To learn how to install the Minim Agent on a MikroTik router, follow the guide here.

Step 1: On the care-portal, navigate to the customer account, in the overview screen, next to "Access Points" hit the + icon.

Step 2: Enter the MAC address of the new unit that's in inventory and check the Replace LAN Gateway box. Click the Add to LAN button to apply this change.
Please note, if the box is left unchecked, the device will be added an access point instead.

Once you the new router to power and internet, it will adopt the settings of the one you are replacing.

Do you need to set up a meshed network for your customer? Here are some guides that can help!

Setting up MikroTik mesh

Setting up GL.iNet mesh

If you need help, please reach out to our Customer Success team using the chat or send an email to

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