Service providers who have been migrated from the Aerez platform to Minim will also need to transition subscribers to the Minim mobile applications. Subscribers that are migrated will no longer have parental controls or screen-time limits in place and will need to reconfigure these services for their household.

In order to prepare for this changeover, we have created messaging and documentation to help your subscribers configure their services.

Suggested Messaging

We suggest notifying subscribers of the following:

  1. Before the migration: an upgrade is coming, as part of the upgrade, they will need to download a new application and reconfigure screen-time and content filtering. Let the subscriber know that documentation about how to do this will be sent right after the upgrade.
  2. Just before the migration: remind subscribers the upgrade is about to take place and that they should have instructions about how to setup their services once it's successfully taken place.
  3. Right after the migration: an email detailing how to download Minim, get access to their home(s) and also links to building profiles and setting up screen-time and content filtering rules.

Example for 1.

On [date] we are performing a system upgrade to your services in conjunction with one of our partners, Minim. This upgrade will provide you with more comprehensive insights into home network, internet usage, and security.

The upgrade will provide you with a new mobile management application for running your home internet and troubleshooting as well as new options for managing screen-time and content filtering. Unfortunately, we are unable to migrate your historical settings for these services over so we have created some guides to help you setup the application on this date and reconfigure these important services.

Example for 2.

We wanted to remind you about the system upgrade we're making tomorrow night. Once the upgrade is complete we will be inviting you to download a new application to make managing your service from us even easier than before.

If you had screen-time limits or content filtering in place, you will also need to set these services up again. After the upgrade has completed, we will send you detailed instructions on how to achieve this.

Examples for 3.

Congratulations! We just upgraded your service, you have now have unparalleled insights into how your network is performing, unique troubleshooting tools and advanced security features to keep you and your family safer than ever before online.

To take advantage of the upgrades we just deployed, please download the Minim app and follow these instructions to get started. The Minim app can be downloaded from  the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

If you previously had parental control, screen-time limits or content filters in place, you will need to setup these services again. For details about setting those things up, please see this article.

Signing Up for a Minim Account

Once your Minim router is up and running, using a mobile device, connect to your Wi-Fi. Then open the Minim Mobile App and sign up (or sign in).

Once you create your account, your Minim app will find your device and allow you to manage its settings, configuration, and much more. 

For details of what you can do with the Minim Mobile App, please see Minim App 101.

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