Please checkout our Github for the latest DHCP script and how to use it:

1. Download one of the following .rsc scripts

The MikroTik router will get an IP address on the WAN side from a DHCP server in front of it.

An existing PPPoE server exists in front of the MikroTik to enable PPPoE communication.

The MikroTik router will have a static IP address on the WAN side.

2. Edit the file and change all the {{VARIABLE}} sections to real values (including quotations).

3. Upload the file to the MikroTik in the folder named Flash. If your unsure how to do this, check out this article.


:global numEtherPorts {{NUM_ETHER_PORTS}};
:global wanPortName {{WAN_IFACE_NAME}};
:global ssid2 {{SSID_2}};
:global ssid5 {{SSID_5}};
:global passphrase {{WIFI_PASS}};

After: The following is a hAP ac2 with 5 ethernet ports

:global numEtherPorts 5;
:global wanPortName "ether1";
:global ssid2 "cool-dude-wifi-2";
:global ssid5 "cool-dude-wifi-5";
:global passphrase "thisisapassword";

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