While the majority of day-to-day operations can be achieved via Minim, there are numerous reasons why you may want to access a MikroTik remotely. The most common use-cases we hear are:

  • setting up custom configurations
  • changing access credentials
  • adding queue trees
  • reviewing additional debugging logs
  • accessing other equipment (such as external radios) via a MikroTik gateway
  • modifying LTE settings
  • reviewing log files

There are a number of ways you can achieve the access you desire based on your network configuration.

The Minim Care Portal provides a quick and convenient way to open an SSH tunnel into a MikroTik device. You can simply find the device and click the SSH Terminal button to instantly open an SSH window.

If you wish to obtain WinBox access, you can open the WinBox port via the SSH console we provide. WinBox operates on port 8291 so if you want to use WinBox you should create a firewall rule that allows access to your IP address for this. 

Advanced Remote Access Setup

If you own your own management network

Many companies have their own network. If you have your own management network, you may want to allow access via WinBox and/or SSH for your technical staff.

You can configure this manually per MikroTik or you can you can edit our custom scripts to include access rules for your network, additional credentials for technicians and anything else you might want.

Customers that don't own a network

Providers who don't have their own network to manage from can achieve the same effect as having a network by creating a dedicated box to login to the remote MikroTiks from and using an SSH tunnel to access the remote device. Setup of this is outside the scope of this guide but if you'd like to see us add that, please let us know.

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