The Minim application provides subscribers with an easy way to contact their service provider for assistance with issues related to their network and internet connectivity.

You can configure the support information so that subscribers know when they can reach you and also how they should reach you. Minim will identify to subscribers when your support team is available to ensure expectations are set appropriately.

You can configure your support mechanisms and hours within the Minim Care Portal. As an administrator of a service provider, simply navigate to the "Settings" tab.

Within here, you will find a section titled "Customer Support Information".

When your support hours are filled in, the Minim app will highlight if your support services are available or unavailable currently. 

Each of the fields on the left represent a way to contact your service provider for support, if they are populated, we will show a link to those mechanisms in the mobile app. 

The following fields are available:

The message field can contain any information you like. For instance: "For emergency out-of-hours support, please call 123-456-789".

Phone Number
The phone number you want inbound support calls to come to, if any.

Your support email address.

A link to your website or a contact form for people to request support (include the full URL including https://).

A facebook profile you provide support through, this is just the profile name (Eg. MinimSecure) and not a URL.

A twitter profile you provide support through, this is just the twitter username (eg. MinimSecure) and not a URL.

Here is an example of the the Customer Support Information section filled out. All fields are optional and if they are not populated, they will not be shown.

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