Care Portal -

To access the Care Portal, click the link above. The Care Portal includes a dashboard to see an overview of your Minim-enabled network and the ability to manage customer accounts. To learn more about the Care Portal, we have some guides you can review here.

Buy Minim-enabled equipment -

To purchase equipment that has the Minim solution installed on it, you can click the link above to access our store. To learn more about pre-configured Minim hardware, click here.

Helpful articles and guides -

To add to your Minim experience, we have created a library of helpful articles and guides. We cover topics that service providers, technicians, and customers may need when getting started with Minim. If you have a suggestion of an article or guide to add to the library, please reach out to our Customer Success team using the chat or by emailing

Service Status -

The Minim status page is a great way to be aware of any scheduled maintenance or service disruptions. You can subscriber to status updates and receives emails and text messages when a new status is posted.

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