Connection to MikroTik fails

  • The first SSH connection out of the box typically takes longer than subsequent connections. If no flashable routers are detected even though you're connected to a MikroTik, please restart the process.

Incompatible Firmware Version

  • Make sure firmware version is > 6.41. If it isn't, you can run the following commands via SSH or WinBox with your Mikrotik connected to the internet. When the router restarts, you'll have to log back in to continue the process.

/system package update install
# wait for it to come back online
/system routerboard upgrade
/system reboot
# wait for it to come back online

Router won't come online in the Minim Care Portal

  • Make sure your router's WAN port is connected to the internet. For Port 1 configurations, this will be the first port on the left when looking at the back of the router. Configurations that don't use Port 1 as the WAN will require their respective WAN port to be connected via ethernet.
  • It will typically take between 2-4 minutes for a router to be fully provisioned and appear as "online" in the Minim Care Portal.
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