Using the Aerez App, subscribers can add port forwarding to any device they would like. 

Log Into the App

To begin, log into the Aerez app on your phone or tablet.

On the bottom of the screen, tap on the "devices" tab and then navigate to the device that you wish to add the Port Forwarding rule to.

Once in the device, scroll down below the "Remove" and "Save" buttons and click on the "Port Forwarding" Link.

Once you have followed the link, make sure the device name and IP match the device you wish to port forward. 

Click on the "Add now" button. Enter the Port (xxxx) or Range (xxxx-xxxx) that you wish to forward and click "Add".

The Port Forwarding rules you set are now in place for that device!

Removing a Port Forward

If you wish to remove a Port Forward rule, simply tap on the red "remove" button to the right of the rule.

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