MikroTik routers are gaining popularity globally as a highly versatile and performant device, especially when coupled with their configuration tool, Winbox.

Minim does not remove the operators ability to make configuration changes via Winbox which allows for a high degree of flexibility if the operator wants to tune the subscriber network. This flexibility comes at the cost of potentially removing the ability to manage a router via Minim.

What you should do

RouterOS is highly configurable via Winbox and scripts. We provide standard scripts for the configuration of Minim on MikroTik devices as well as many standardized scripts to enhance the operation of the router for specific scenarios. Today we offer standard configurations for Port 1 and Port 5 on PPPoE, Static and DHCP configurations with settings we have found to help optimize the subscriber experience.

We advise that you use and not modify our standard scripts without consulting with our technical teams first, often times we may have a script to support what you need or a suggestion of how best to achieve the result you are looking for.

Our standard scripts are designed to get the subscriber online quickly, optimize their internet experience and ensure the security and stability of their network is optimal, we continually look for ways to enhance security and performance.

What you should not do

We do not recommend modifying our standard scripts. If you have a specific request please open a support ticket to discuss your use-case and we’ll work with you to solve this. Our objective is to standardize deployments across your network and optimize the subscriber experience, this is challenging with highly customized configuration.

We cannot guarantee being able to support non-standard configurations, we highly encourage you to deploy standard configurations.

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