Let's say we're working with a broadband subscriber who has called in and have decided we need to get in to the router interface WINBOX to do some further debugging. How can we use Winbox with an Aerez router?

Connect to a provisioned router remotely with WINBOX

For this case, we will be using license 321. License 321 shows us the public IP ( for this example), as well as a WAN IP (also for this example). The WAN IP should be unique and reachable on your network. If you have a SPEEDSTER server, you will need to use the SPEEDSTER IP from the NETWORK AND HARDWARE STATS page.

Enter the SPEEDSTER IP (if you have a speedster server) or WAN IP (if you do not have a speedster server) into the "Connect To" field in WINBOX. Next we need to go to the License and click on the NETWORK AND HARDWARE STATS tab. Copy and Paste (Use Right-Click > Paste inside WINBOX) the Support User and Support Password into the Login field and Password field in WINBOX, respectively. Click on Connect to gain access. If you are unable to log in, read below.


No Access?

If you don't have access, it's usually because you need to set a whitelist of the network of your NOC/support source IP in COMPANY PROFILE -> DEFAULT VALUES - WHITELISTED IPs:

IMPORTANT: White listed IPs need to be in the format of IP/CIDR and comma separated, no spaces

After updating the white-listed IPs, you'll need to either 

  • click the FORCE CHECK-IN button on the license you would like to get access to 


  •  before clicking SAVE on COMPANY PROFILE, tick the box that says UPDATE ALL ROUTERS (NOTE: this will take a few minutes to complete cycling through all routers, each of which will be knocked out of the portal momentarily - your customer will not lose Internet, but you will lose manageability for a few seconds each).

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