The Device Struggle Continues...

20 Dec, 2017 By Candice Perea

What Are You Watching?!?!

As Seen On TV...

I’m not just the President, I’m also a client!I think of that line from the old Hair Club for Men commercial nearly every time I use the Aerez app to pause my kids’ internet. Aerez has helped with the device struggle and parental controls in my own house. From the day we started testing with our own kids’ devices, I have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from not worrying if they are going to get a virus on my laptop or stumble onto porn sites. But lately the struggle has changed. And that struggle is YouTube. At this point, if you’re a parent, you might be nodding your head. YouTube consumption has become a constant argument between my 7-year old and I.With Aerez, we have a child-friendly filter installed on our kids devices. The software uses a YouTube API to restrict content based on their “kid-friendly” settings. The problem is that some content sneaks through the filter or is just not stuff I want my kid to watch. One day I thought my 5-year old was watching some innocent super-hero characters when I glimpsed Spiderman making out with Queen Elsa. Not exactly what I would expect from a “kid” site. In addition, I recently saw a social media post about a parent who found their kid watching a video of a beloved cartoon character drinking bleach. Not cool in my book.

Not In My House

So we’ve decided that unless we can sit with the kids and curate the channels and content they can watch, YouTube will be blocked from all devices in our house. So this is not just a blog post that lets me vent (but, thank you for reading), it’s also an announcement of a new feature to come to the Aerez software. We are working on adding the option to block specific media access.  For us that need is YouTube. Other parents and user’s of our product have requested SnapChat. What are your thoughts on Facebook and Instagram? Are there others to consider as well?

Why Families Love Aerēz

24 Mar, 2017 By Candice Perea

Internet. Under Your Control.

Device Struggle. It’s a thing.

 It usually happens in our house around suppertime. Supper’s on the table, I’ve asked the hubby and the kids to come eat, and nothing. In the past I would run about the house physically collecting iPods, shutting down laptops, TV’s and gaming consoles - all while supper is growing cold on the table.

Now, I just pause the Internet. That’s right, for all devices in my house - one button to rule them all! In about a minute, everyone is at the table.

Aerēz makes life easier for busy parents to manage technology in the house. 

I recently sat down with my friend Brook to learn how she uses Aerēz to find a balance with her kids and technology!

3 Simple Tips On How To Secure Your Home Internet Connection

10 Mar, 2017 By Candice Perea

A few simple ways to keep your home internet connection secure.

In 2012 Census data reported 94.8% of households with a computer use it to connect to the internet. Today, we have many internet connected devices in the home. The days of the one family PC in the living room have faded for most families.  Now, many families depend on the internet for news, entertainment, education and work on a daily basis. So with the internet becoming a requirement for daily use, protecting that connection and the devices that use it has become a priority! Here are a few simple ways to keep your home internet connection secure.

Here are 3 simple tips to secure your home internet connection.

  • Keep Internet-Connected Devices Updated

A simple way to secure your home internet connection is to keep all of your internet-connected devices updated. Check the manufacturer website for instructions on how to download, connect or update all internet connected devices including routers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones but also security cameras, smart thermostats, and WiFi enabled printers.

  • Use Parental Controls

Using parental controls to not only keeps kids safe, but they also protect your devices. Parental controls offer a level of protection from sites known to have viruses or spyware.

 Using parental controls doesn’t necessarily mean buying a third-party solution. Mac OS X and Windows allow you to turn on or add parental controls to user accounts. IOS and Android have Restriction options too.

 Gaming consoles also have some parental control options built-in as well. Some online research can help you find specific settings for your devices to help secure your home internet connection .

 If your kiddo enjoys online gaming, consider disabling built-in chat for their preferred game. Unfortunately bad language and bullying can come through the chat window!

  • Get to Know Your Router

The router in your home is the gatekeeper, and understanding how to manage the router will help keep your internet connected devices secure. If your home network is poorly configured, the devices you're trying to shield from the rest of the internet don't have much protection.

Research your router’s manufacturer to learn how to login and update settings. A couple of things to utilize on your current router:

  • Set a firewall
  • Use a unique and strong WiFi password 
  • Utilize a Guest WiFi network if available for visitors, so you don’t have to share your main WiFi password
  • Setup a DNS filter such as OpenDNS to protect devices from known malware websites and adult content

Some of these tips on how to secure your home internet connection will have you doing some research and getting into the weeds with technology settings no doubt, but will go a long way to improving the security of your home network and the devices connected to it!

Why gamers love Aerēz

17 Feb, 2017 By Marc Perea


If you’re a gamer, you know our curse word. But it’s not a 4 letter word, it’s just 3. L A G. When you lag in the middle of a game, the consequences are dreadful. If you’re lucky, you survive despite the disadvantage, but in many cases you end up dead without even the possibility of fighting back. Lag gives your opponents an unfair advantage!So what can you do about lag? There’s lots of articles online about how to tune your individual computer or gaming console to get the best experience out of that device, but here’s a problem: your gaming rig shares the network with lots of other devices - and other people! So, unless you tune your network too, lag will continue to plague your gaming sessions. If you’re a techie, you can build a policy yourself, but that takes time and is challenging for many, not to mention that the network speed and quality changes over time and needs to be re-tuned periodically.Luckily, there’s Aerēz.

WHAT IS Aerēz?

Aerēz is an auto-tuning router that is continually monitoring the speed and health of your Internet connection and balancing the traffic on your network in an optimal way so that your games are ensured to receive the bandwidth and performance they need to reduce or eliminate lag. Aerēz knows how fast your connection is, how many devices there are, how many users are on your network, and it dynamically creates the best bandwidth and prioritization policy without requiring you to do any tweaks!


We know from our users’ feedback that situations like the following are commonplace: You’re chilling, playing some games and a family member comes home. As soon as they walk in the door, you start getting some serious lag spikes and your ping response times get flushed down the drain. Then, another family member starts up some streaming video and suddenly your smooth experience turns choppy and frustrating!


The reverse of this is also true when you’re downloading game or system updates at the same time someone else is trying to binge watch seasons of their favorite show, they’ll get the dreaded spinning video buffer wheel of doom!


But not so with Aerēz! Once the policy is in place, devices are forced to play nicely on the network and every device is guaranteed a minimum amount of bandwidth that allows your gaming experience to remain smooth despite the chaos of other users and devices wreaking havoc on your bandwidth.And unlike other solutions, there’s no maximum cap or ceiling with Aerēz, so if your device is the only one active on the network, it gets to max out your whole circuit. Other solutions limit devices by placing an arbitrary maximum limit on how fast it can go, degrading performance when the network is quiet. Aerēz makes the best use of your bandwidth at all times!

Saving $90 a Month on my internet bill.

21 Dec, 2016 By George Zarebski

How I'm able to go from 1 Gig to 100 Meg and have a better network.

So my family is not your typical use case for internet subscription. I'm a tech geek, and work from home running an internet based business.  We don't have cable, dish or even broadcast TV (location issues).  Instead, we opt for the subscription based services; Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix for the family. I personally have Google Play Music which includes YouTube Red and Google Play Movies for those on demand, spur of the moment movie rentals and purchases.

That being said, we need a lot of data and a lot of speed! Clearly, the only way for us to go was the top of the line offering from our local provider. Mostly because of the amount of data we use per month. Our average use is 26Gb of data - per day! Yup, just under a TB per month. Mind you, that is 0 torrenting, 0 news groups, 0 questionable content.  You can see our current situation in the image below (far right).

"Our average use is 26Gb of data - per day! ... with no torrenting..." 

"Then it hit me like a ten pound catfish!"

Then it hit me, like a ten pound catfish... I didn't need the Cadillac of internet plans. I could get the Midsize model and save $90 a month. Aerēz would pay for itself in just over two months! How is this possible you ask?

Well, Aerēz is a Smart home network system. The combination of the hardware we use, and the patent pending algorithms in our software, make for a setup that optimizes my home network so well, I get better performance with hardware rated at 100Mbps than I did with my Google On Hub, or Google WiFi. Bottom line: I don't need Gig download speeds (or pricing) because my family actually has a better experience using Aerēz at 100 MBps.

"I don't need Gig download speeds (or pricing) because my family actually has a better experience using Aerēz at 100 MBps."

It's a technical marvel and I'll leave it to our engineer Marc Perea to give the grainy details. But what I do know is my home network literally feels faster, and while there was considerable buffering and lag before installing Aerēz, since we switched over, there has been none!

I can also tell you this; Most of the 'other guys' are touting "Better WiFi" "More Antennas" etc. That's great and important to an extent. But if your gaming console is bringing your 4K Netflix stream to it's knees... all the WiFi in the world isn't going to fix that. The only viable solution in a situation like that is to manage how each device can use the available bandwidth. And Aerēz does just that.

You might think I am speaking from a biased point of view since I am invested in the company, and that's fair. But I'll give you two reasons to take my word for it.

First, it's my job to stress test Aerēz. Our family use is at the high end of the spectrum and is definitely not the average use case. We have 31 devices that include phones and tablets to thermostats and garage door openers. It's my mission to stress our product as much as I possible can, to find as many bugs as I can.

Second,  our trial users are saying the same thing. Check out the Testimonials or if you'd like to find out for yourself, click the blue chat bubble to the bottom right of this page and request access to our Community Facebook group. In there, you can ask our current customers what they have experienced.

Our mission is to provide a service that is optimized for your home to provide your family a better internet experience. This is just one more example of how we do just that. Give us a try, and we can guarantee we will do everything we can to keep you satisfied.

How does Aerēz Optimize my Network?

13 Dec, 2016 By Marc Perea

Your Internet connection probably sucks. But, it doesn’t have to.

The holiday and gifting season is upon us and many homes are getting more and more Internet connected devices like phones & tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and “smart” things galore. If the Internet was sometimes slow before, it’s only going to get worse as your network grows. The scenario above is a very common example of a gaming console that invisibly hogs all of the network resources while everyone else's stuff is not working or super slow!

The problem is that your home network is a lot like the wild west. When that brand spanking new gaming console gets unwrapped and plugged in, the first thing it’ll want you to do is plug it into the network and perform a system update. Then, you’ll want to fire up an exciting new game with glorious next-gen graphics - but first, another software update. There’s a good chance nothing else will work very well during those updates, because with your current router and like the wild west any device can do anything it wants (like single-handedly consume your whole bandwidth to perform its update ASAP).

But, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Aerēz.

Aerēz will make sure that if the gaming console is the only device talking on the network, it can have the full pipe to get ‘er done. However, if the network is being used by, perhaps a work from home laptop and a smartphone call and a video stream all at the same time as the gaming console update, Aerēz acts as the traffic police officer enforcing each device to take his fair share of bandwidth and no more - ensuring that everyone has the best user experience they can have! 

And you notice the work laptop above has the biggest circle, indicating that Aerēz is giving it the best treatment by providing top priority and the biggest slice of the available network resources!

Aerēz has helped families who had a doorbell camera security system that would stomp all over everything else anytime movement was detected out the front door. It’s also saved the day from smartphones that want to automatically upload all the selfies of the day the instant its owner walks in the door. Gamers and streaming devices love Aerēz because it smooths out the bandwidth spikiness inherent in networks!

A Sandwich Analogy

29 Aug, 2018 By Candice Perea

An Optimized Home Network ... Explained With Food!

To understand what Aerez does behind the scenes, think of a sandwich. A great sandwich has lots of elements: bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, condiments. All yummy, but if you put too much of one ingredient—20 strips of bacon—or not enough of something else—mmm, cheese—the sandwich is out of balance. As delicious as bacon is, too much overpowers the sandwich. And a sandwich without cheese just isn’t a sandwich.Your home network operates by the sample principle. All your devices need to be in proportion for your network experience to be great. You don’t want Xbox to consume all your bandwidth to download an update, leaving nothing for your web browser.Aerēz helps you balance your network. Our patent-pending technology ensures that no one device is getting out of proportion with the other devices that are actively being used. With Aerēz, your network sandwich is always balanced, always fresh and always ready to satisfy your hunger for the internet.

The Unknown Device

23, Aug, 2016 By George Zarebski

"I was in control even when my kids found ways to be smarter than me."

One example on how Aerez has helped me is when my teenage daughter was grounded from all of her devices. It didn't take long to see she wasn't really bothered by this. Huge red flag for anyone who knows teenage girls. I checked the devices on my network using Aerez and there was a new device. Hmm... turned out my daughter had gotten a device from a friend to avoid my punishment.

Thanks to Aerez I was in control even when my kids found ways to be smarter than me.

"...turned out my daughter had gotten a device from a friend to avoid punishment"

- Brook, North Dakota

Aerez has given me the ability to easily enforce screen time rules in my home. It's no longer a battle or even a negotiation, I have the internet remote so I control the when, the what and the who.

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