UPDATE 6/19/2019

  • Patched IPTV to prevent Cambium from rebooting
  • Enhanced our QOE engine so that speed enforcement is more consistent
  • Added support for managed by Minim button (currently hidden)
  • Ensured that Winbox MAC layer access is still available after adding Aerēz provisioning.

UPDATE 2/07/2019 New support & documentation links added.

...and more changes are coming! The Aerez team has been working hard on updating documentation on how to use the Administrative portal and subscriber mobile apps.
The links in the menus will take you to pdf documents as well as videos demonstrating how to

  •  deploy a license to a managed router
  • deploy a wireless mesh license
  • assign a license to a subscriber
  • and more!

Also we added quick links to our What's New section and the Known Issues page. The Known Issues page highlights bugs that we are working on and gives users a form to submit ideas or bugs they have experienced.

UPDATE 4/02/2019 PPPOE Bugfix & prep for ROS 6.44

First, a bug was reported that older versions of firmware (<6.39) wouldn't properly set the subscriber LAN to use the PPPOE tunnel to pass customer traffic after provisioning had completed.

  • This has been patched and deployed to the provisioning server and only applies to PPPOE licenses.

We've also added checks for next version of verbiage for code releases, as MikroTik is updating the name of the release trees... again...

  • upgrade - release channels renamed:
  • "bugfix" to "long-term"
  • "current" to "stable"
  • "release candidate" to "testing"

Aerez uses the stable code train in order to support routers that are factory shipped with firmware newer than bugfix : long-term. Sometimes, even the most recent version of long-term is older than the factory shipped firmware!

  • This has also been patched match on the new channel names on the provisioning server.

And finally, in some cases the boot firmware (/system routerboard) was not being updated properly. We added additional checks so the RouterBOARD boot loader should now also always get updated during the initial firmware update process (previously, this section of the firmware might not get updated until the next quarterly firmware update cycle).

  • This has been patched to always check the routerboard boot firmware to ensure it's upgraded before moving on to provisioning steps.

UPDATE 12/10/2018 New billing support for Powercode and a few bugfixes

What's that mean? When you generate a new license, Aerez will check with Powercode and pull in:

  • subscriber name to be used as system name
  • default SSID will be COMPANY LAST-NAME WIFI
  • default password will be POWERCODE-SUB-PHONE-#
  • subscriber info will be searchable
  • latitude and longitude stored for maps! (releasing this week)

Bug Fixes

  • Admin generated speedtests now show up in logging
  • Admin user would get deleted if using subscriber cut-through while deleting subscriber

New known issues:

  • When BSS has multiple services, software auto-detect of the correct service fails
  • Guest WIFI is not working on MESH clients (puppets)
  • Disabling Guest WIFI can cause the wired extender to disable radios on additional APs
  • After deploying a MESH unit, sometimes the main unit needs a FORCE CHECK-IN

Sneak Peek - Aerez Auto-register is coming soon!

Now that we have subscriber contact info being pulled from your billing system, we can automatically bind the managed router to the customer info that's already in your BSS. We're going to generate a welcome email with instructions on how to use Aerez and what their login info is!

How easy is that?

UPDATE 11/28/2018 Under the hood improvements, new info and bugfixes

Just a small update this week. After adding Aerez Glimpse, we've improved how things are handled behind the scenes when Glimpsed info is not yet available.

We added the Aerez Speedster IP info (and renamed the VPN IP to Aerez IP, since it's only significant to our VPN concentrator) for customers that have an Aerez Speedster and have routed traffic to it, allowing visibility and NMS access to their managed router deployment from internal monitoring systems (i.e. Billing poller, NMS, Winbox from corporate subnet, etc.) [Interested in Aerez Speedster?]

And we had a bug where sometimes the first license ID for an additional access point (wired or wireless) could improperly detect the next available ID (i.e. for license 768, the first additional AP should be 768.1, but the bug was sometimes assigning 768.5 for example). This is now fixed.

We've also detected a Sonar bug where if there are multiple services on an individual subscriber, we can sometimes incorrectly detect the correct speed profile or account. Expect this to be fixed soon!

UPDATE 11/15/2018 Enhanced and Expanded Visibility Into the Subscriber Home WiFi

Our customers told us that a better, faster dashboard for showing a singular heads' up view of the home network - at a glance would be helpful - and we listened. Monday 11-19-2018, we're introducing Aerez Glimpse. In one click you can now instantly see:

  • Realtime bandwidthOverall and per device
  • Health & Status of the Managed Router WAN & LAN
  • What subscriber devices are connected right nowSignal strength and throughputFiltering and Paused Devices

This info has always been available in the Admin Dashboard, but on several different pages. We've now brought them together to enhance your visibility and support toolkit.

Imagine being able to catch a glimpse of what's going on in the subscriber network. Aerez Glimpse presents that visibility in real-time!

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