Bugs fixes in progress. Updated 03.18.2019.

  • HAP Lite (RB941) || HAP Mini (RB931) || do not have enough flash disk space for remote firmware management can NOT be automatically upgraded by our system
  • Sometimes MikroTik will ship RouterBOARDS with firmware that contains faulty default configurations. You can tell if there's no DHCP-client and no default firewall rules, resulting in failure to provision properly. If this happens, first upgrade the firmware manually and perform in WINBOX: SYSTEM -> RESET CONFIGURATION
  • Guest network is not having bandwidth enforced
  • The Subscriber Dashboard mobile app not remembering name/login
  • SSID field in Admin Dashboard allows input of more characters than the SSID allows does not provide feedback when character limit is exceeded
  • Provisioning status - clarify and enhance
  • Guest network doesn't work with Mesh
  • Disabling of the 5G radio on wired APs isn’t being enforced
  • Managing wired extenders in general sometimes doesn't work if the CAPsMAN certificate got corrupted (possibly mikrotik issue)
  • After deploying a license, LAN IP cannot be changed from the Admin Care Portal
  • After deploying a license, WAN IP/service cannot be changed from the Admin Care Portal


  • New issue: Provisioning can become stuck if the RouterBOARD generates a new certificate during provisioning! Workarounds include: If you see that a certificate has been generated in the Tik logs while the Care Portal shows Provisioning - reboot the router Update the firmware manually to latest STABLE before beginning Aerez provisioning


  • BUGFIX: Port 5 POE enhancement now checks for old firmware (pre-6.41) and will update now to prevent getting stuck provisioning. As long as firmware is at least 6.41, it will still update in following night maintenance window.
  • You can also now select when choosing POE if firmware update should try later tonight or force to update now.


  • There is now an audible alert when 1st time provisioning is complete and when Aerez is ready for customer if your MikroTik has a speaker
  • POE port 5 enhancement is now live. When other than port1 is selected for WAN, Aerez will reboot in the next maintenance window instead of during install to save install time
  • In Company Profile there is now a TEST BILLING button to assist debugging when there's a billing API integration failure
  • Enhanced security on the Admin Care Dashboard - now forces SSL / HTTPS immediately (used to enforce after login)

04.01.2019 Provisioning Server Bugfixes 

  • Preparing guest network for LAN IP changing
  • Fixed a case where sometimes a wired extender would not get provisioned properly and required multiple reboots/resets

 03.29.2019 AWS Server Upgrade

  • It was time for an upgrade on our VPN concentrator, so we beefed it up!

03.18.2019 Bug Fix

  • Delete port forward from Admin Dashboard
  • Un-track DHCP leases on Guest Network

03.05.2019 Bug fixed

  • Online / Offline bug in the License Detail pageSometimes displays routers as offline when they actually online.
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