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Aerez Guide to License Detail

Administrative Dashboard

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Login with your credentials at https://admin.mcpnetworks.us

Select Licenses from the menu selection. This brings up the Managed Licenses page which displays a list of already provisioned licenses. 

Search License

Click the expand search button under the license blocks to search for a particular license.

Glimpse Page

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If the router is currently online, clicking the blue License ID button takes you to the overview page called Glimpse.

Every so often the Aerez cloud server checks in with the managed router to get a status report. This data gets stored and displayed in the Glimpse page. 

This data is not live data. 


Use the refresh button to get up-to-date status information directly from the router. 

Go To License

Use the Go To License button to access forms to change and update router settings.

License Tab

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License Configuration

This section contains the license information and status. Use the download button to access original configuration script.


Apply custom settings to the license:

  • System Name - set to customer name.
  • Watchdog - when set to yes, monitors the router connection and will reboot if a connection has not been detected.
  • SNMP Contact & Location -  Meaningful if you have a polling system and you’d like to poll this managed router and have details show up there
  • AutoTune - uses periodic speed tests to fully utilize QOE implementation at the customer premise.
  • Bandwidth Download Speed
  • Bandwidth Upload Speed

WiFi Settings

Update SSID & Password for the main WiFi as well as a guest WiFi.

Guest Network Settings

When using Aerez in a commercial environment, it’s useful to not track the devices on the guest network with rules and policies such as content filtering.  Clicking the “Untrack Guest Network” decreases the lease time on devices and uses true DHCP instead of static ip tracking.

Network and Hardware Stats

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Port Forwards

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Remove License

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Billing Integration

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