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Aerez Guide to setup the Company Profile

Company Profile information can be found in the Administrative portal

( https://admin.mcpnetworks.us)

Company Information

Change your main contact information by updating the fields and clicking the save button.

Default Values

These are fields to customize your entire deployment. Many of these fields are Mikrotik specific settings to improve and optimize customer premise deployment.


Romon is a setting to allow support staff to proxy to another routerboard to connect through to use Winbox.


When Watchdog is set to yes, monitors the router connection and will reboot if a connection has not been detected. This is useful if you are powering your transport radio from the POE port on the router. This will in effect reset your radio 

WAN Port

Accepts custom settings for WAN port. Defaults to ether1.

SNMP Community

Add default string for monitoring systems. This can be overridden on each router license and is not required here.

Default SSID

Set a default such as company name.

Enable Technician Account

Enables a hidden SSID not displayed local to users use the fields below to specify username and password.

Default Language

Currently the system supports English & Spanish.

Public IP Subnet(Speedster)- 

This feature under review and not available to all.

This is an additional module added to the Aerez platform that creates a hosted router in a datacenter that allows managed routers to check speeds at a local level.

Update All Routers

This is a tool for when a change needs to be applied to all managed routers controlled by the Aerez platform. This will not disconnect service, just the ability of the Admin Dashboard to update while in progress.

Whitelisted IP’s

As a security precaution, external IP’s are blocked to accessing the Aerez managed router. Whitelisted IP’s specifically allows access from the ISP location or external support.

  • To add multiple ip’s use comma separators between ip addresses.

DNS & NTP Customization

Set custom dns or ntp gateway for all of the managed routers.

Billing System

Aerez integrates with Sonar and Powercode and brings data from those billing platform into the Aerez administration dashboard.

Sonar Integration

An administrator account will be needed in Sonar with read only access.

Powercode Integration

Needs API key and the URL. No https needed, jus third level domain ie. aerez.sonar.software

Manage Administrators

Type of Administrators

Administrators have access to all sections of the administrative portal.

The Support Role administrator  accounts have access to view license information but removes ability to edit or change router information.

Add Administrator

Select “+Add Administrator” to create administrator and support staff accounts

Edit Administrator

Select administrator name in the list to edit administrator and support staff accounts, including disabling the account login.

Delete Administrator

You can disable an administrator by clicking on that administrators email address in the List Of Administrators.  Once there, select No from the activated? pull down menu.

NOTE: At this time it is not possible to delete an administrator from the dashboard. Please contact support and we will remove the administrator for you.


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