For a device to become Minim certified, we perform a variety of tests to verify that the Minim Agent has no adverse affects on the performance of a device.  These include network throughput, packet handling stability, and WiFi performance.  In addition to the technical integration, we evaluate the ease of use of the subscriber and the service provider.  We investigate how easy it is to enable Minim on a device, how the auto-update mechanism performs, and the overall relationship between the between Minim and the router hardware.

Gold Certification
Devices in this category are of the highest level of performance.  In the integration testing, the same or greater network or wifi performance was observed.  These devices are readily available for the foreseeable future.

Silver Certification
Devices in the silver category are highly functionality and perform well. This is our standard certification.

Bronze Certification
Devices in this category have been tested to work with Minim.  Minim is fully functional on the device, but some performance degradation has been observed.  This is noted in the certification notes available in our test results.

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Any device can run Minim.

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