What Is The Minim App?

The Minim app is mobile app that works as a network manager for your Minim enabled router. The Minim app enables you to monitor your home/private network, manage your SSID and password, run speed tests, and more. The Minim app puts you in control of your home network.

Downloading The Minim App

The Minim App is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Using The App

Main Dashboard (Network Tab)

The Network Tab or the "Main Dashboard" displays several features such as: the SSID for all WiFi bands, device count, network health score, security status, speed test, and network activity charts.


The Profile page houses all the parental controls and gives you the ability to create profiles. You can also group/assign devices to a user's profile. Any device assigned to a user will fall into that profile's parental control settings.


The Timeline page houses the network's events. Events recorded are: LAN Events, Config Changes, Speed Tests, Security Incidents. 


In an event where the app or network is malfunctioning, the Support page gives the user a direct channel of communication to the Minim Customer Success Team.


The Settings page is where we house the settings for app notifications settings, user accounts, the logout function, and switching between multiple LANs associated with the account logged in.

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