What You Will Need

  • Minim-enabled Router or Router
  • Modem

Unpacking Minim Router

Minim currently supports many types of routers. For demonstration purposes, this article will be using a Minim Certified GL.iNet B-1300 router. 

When unpacking your Minim router, you should notice at least three main accessories: Router, Power Cable, Ethernet Cable. If you are using your own router with the Minim Agent on it, follow the next steps to ensure smooth setup.

Prepping Your Network

The first thing you will need to do is to turn off your modem. If you are using a modem/router, do the same. 

Connecting the New Router

Next, plug the ethernet cable into the WAN port of the router.

Connecting to the router

Once the ethernet cables are connected, turn on the Minim Router first. Once the lights are blinking, the router is be done booting.

Once the router is done booting, plug the modem into power and turn it on. Once the modem boots up, your Minim router will gain internet access and you'll be ready to set up your Minim account.

Signing Up for a Minim Account

Once your Minim router is up and running, using a mobile device, connect to your Minim WiFi (the default SSID and password are printed on the sticker under the router). Then open the Minim Mobile App and sign up (or sign in).

Once you create your account, your Minim app will find your device and allow you to manage its settings, configuration, and much more. 

For details of what you can do with the Minim Mobile App, please see Minim App 101.

For new app users trying to gain access to a router already claimed, you will need to request access from the owner of that router (first user associated with that network).

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